Build an Intro


Build an Intro

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Build an intro and outro that are perfect for your podcast! Podcast Polisher combines the music of your choice with a custom voice-over in order to deliver the perfect intro for your show. It’s three easy steps:

  1. Visit the BUILD YOUR INTRO page to find the perfect music for your show. Provide the name of your music selection when prompted.

  2. Decide what you would like to be said in the voice-over. Check out our INTROS page for some inspiration!

  3. Answer a few quick questions and let Podcast Polisher take care of the rest!

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Deliveries are within 3 days, usually quicker!

Podcast Polisher layers your custom music and voice-over, provide fades for a smooth start and finish, and edits files to an appropriate length. The files are then mixed and mastered and you get a crisp, professional intro/outro.