with podcast polisher, one size does not fit all 

Podcast Polisher helps you cut through the noise and reach your maximum potential, specializing in customization, communication, and attention to detail. It’s all about giving your show the advantages it needs to succeed!

Build Your Intro: Your intro is the FIRST THING listeners will hear, and with Build Your Intro you can create exactly what your show needs to make a great impression. Choose from Podcast Polisher’s wide selection of high quality, custom music, decide what you would like the professional voice-over to say, and you are ready to go! Create the perfect intro/outro for your show.

Audio Improvements: The DIY aspect of podcasts is great, but your content should never be overshadowed by poor audio. Podcast Polisher uses tools such as noise reduction, EQ, compression, gates, and more to give your podcast a crisp, clean sound.

Production: You've got the audio and you've got a plan..but not unlimited time. Podcast Polisher will put together your multiple audio files, even out levels, and provide you the final mixed and mastered file. Podcast Polisher helps keep the technical side from taking over your days, freeing you to focus on producing quality content for your listeners. 

Reach out! Email any comments or questions to podpolisher@gmail.com


Wow. Podcast Polisher knocked it out of the park! Completed my (kind of complicated and strange) custom order just as I imagined it, and delivered it super quickly. I’m very impressed and if I ever have a need for a similar project I’ll be returning to this seller. Great work, would recommend.
— Heather Marcoux
Podcast Polisher was unreal. Fast, perfect communication and gave us more than what was asked for without any questions. Will use again!
— Craig Bigelow
So talented - So easy to work with - and goes above & beyond to make you happy!
— Skylr
For reals... This guy is genius! He has done multiple recordings for my different shows and has nailed it exactly each and every time! He is well worth every dollar spent! Custom music is INCREDIBLE and the words he put into to introduce my shows is BRILLIANT! Rest assure that your project gets done accurately and quickly with the PODCAST POLISHER!
— Pahrumpacademy